Saturday, April 21, 2012

German Shepherd Husky Mix an Active, Loyal Dog

In recent years the dog breeding trend has led to creating designer dogs by combining two recognized breeds that have similar size and characteristics. The German Shepherd Husky Mix, for instance, is a combination of the Siberian Husky and the German Shepherd. When two breeds are combined, it is not possible to predict if one breed will be dominant in a particular dog. The offspring will most likely exhibit characteristics and appearance of each breed and it is always hoped that the puppies will inherit the best of both breeds. 

The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is classed as a working dog and as such has a strong physique and great stamina. These dogs are well able to perform jobs such as pulling sleds. The Husky has a long coat with many layers and thrives in colder climates. The top layer of its coat is longer and strong and the undercoat has the feel of cashmere. These dogs may actually prefer sleeping outdoors rather than inside by the fireplace. It is a large dog that stands approximately 21 inches and easily weighs 35 to 60 pounds. They have great stamina and they need to have plenty of exercise and room to run every day. 

The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1908 and classed it as a herding dog. This dog also has a thick pelt that helps it thrive in cold temperatures. The Shepherd dog is loyal, friendly and easy to train. Because of their strength and intelligence, they are often used in the military and by police. They stand about 24 inches tall and weigh from 65 to 90 pounds. The German Shepherd also needs walks every day for exercise and a large, fenced-in yard. 

The German Shepherd Husky Mix

The two breeds that create the German Shepherd Husky Mix results in an active, friendly, devoted dog with the stamina of both breeds. It enjoys learning and is easy to train thanks to its intelligence. However, if it is not properly trained it may become bored and begin to destroy property or try to escape. It is a challenging dog that needs a purpose and something to do every day that is in line with its impressive abilities. If an owner will take the time and effort to give this dog mental stimulation and daily physical exercise, the result will be a fiercely loyal, obedient and protective pet. 

Appearance and Diet

The German Shepherd Husky mix usually has a thick coat of gray or brown. Although it has a gentle character, the muscular build makes this dog an intimidating presence. When the season changes, the thick coats tend to shed and they need daily brushing. The best option to take care of their lovely coats is a regular visit to the pet groomer for conditioning and de-shedding. The best diet for them is premium dog food for high energy dogs. They can have vegetables, fruit and peanut butter as an occasional treat. Never feed a dog grapes, raisins, garlic, onions or chocolate as these foods are poisonous to all dogs. 

Personality and Activity

The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a vocal dog and tends to howl at times but does not bark excessively. They are devoted, spirited and independent dogs. They need an owner who will spend time with them and who can handle very active dogs. They love to accompany an owner on outings such as biking, swimming, hiking and sports. When training, never hit or scold a puppy for an accident or not understanding a command. These dogs try very hard to please an owner. Treating a dog with kindness and respect will result in a wonderful, loving companion for its whole life.

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